What’s in a Horse’s name

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse Lover’ Soul

A number of years ago we had two colts born on the same day, and since my favorite author has always been  Charles Dickens,   we named one Charlie and one Dickens.

As part of their early halter  training, the colts were taken  out for a walk on a morning adventure without their mother.

We had just finished our  morning walk so, as  I sat down on an upside down water tan.  I sat and watched while Dickens munched on some  fresh spring grass.    I had him on a nice long lounge line while I carefully watch over him.   He  soon would live up to his name and become  quite the little Dickens.

He  would look over his shoulder, look directly at me, and then took a few steps backwards, and then go back  to eating.  Then again he looked over his should, looked at me and took two steps backward  right towards me and then go back to eating.

I thought it was the oddest thing, him backing up the entire 20 feet in this manner.  As he was just a few feet from me, he let me have it with both hind feet. That little Dickens knock me head over heels off the back of that water tank.

It did not really hurt.  It was so ridiculously funny, I could not stop laughing. Who knew that I would be still telling that story 25 years later.  Oh, by the way I never did name another horse Dickens.

At the moment, I am in the middle of a Blizzard with sub-below weather and the kindergarten school has been closed for two days.   I am babysitting my two grandchildren for two weeks, as their mom is off training for the Army.

Yesterday, did not go well.    Tyrant,  dickens, on purpose, trouble maker,  crossed my mind and sometimes my lips on several different occasions yesterday as the little one found so many things to get into.

That colt  Dickens,  sure wanted my attention  and he found a way to make sure that I knew it.  Last night I realized  that my  six year old granddaughter did too.

So this morning, I made up my mind  to change just how I looked at her, and changed the words and names that I would use for the day.    Brilliant, perfect, amazing, artist,  you sure are good at that, helpful,  princess has crossed my lips all morning.

What a difference those wonderful names has been today.   While  I am posting on Daily Oats and she is sitting next to me making the prettiest pictures and we, together are creating great memories.

Sooner or later, we come to believe about ourselves what other people  speak to us.  We learn early to define who we are by the words that other speak to us.   At an early  age, we believe  what those around us tell us,  even worse, we still do as adults.  I still, at times,  believe what  others tell me who  they think I am.  It is human nature, heck even Dickens believed in his name

Make a difference today in the lives of those around you, just by changing the names you  speak, and watch your world change, but even more so, watch first hand how their worlds change.

My lesson, be the change, and never, never name a horse Dickens.

Change the world,  just  be the Whinny

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Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Marie Edstrom
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  1. AMEN! Thank you for posting this…I loved it.
    In Christ,
    Jena Woodson

  2. What a wonderful story, all warm and smiles inside thinking of presious times with my own grandchildern

  3. I too have learned this lesson, been knocked in water tanks etc… I have a 1/2 draft born to a nurse mare with no milk, we grew out of a bottle, then a bucket but the “baby” is still there at 10yrs old! LOL I also give riding lessons and have come to relize that nice thoughts and words work much better.

  4. Loved the story. BE the change – and you change the world!

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