Ground Tied

Daily Oats: food for the Horse lover’s soul.

I have learned the greatest life lessons, simple by watching how my horses behave.

A while a back I saddled-up my favorite horse, our stallion Dee’s Sundown,  I put my foot in the stirrup and I  slipped.  I fell under  Sunny.  I hit the ground so old that I broke my knee cap.  I had my feet on one side on my head on the other.  I look to the left, front feet and to the right hind right, and me and my broken leg in between.

I called for my son  who was just over in the round pen.  He ran over and for the life of him, he tried to get Sunny to side step,  but he would not move,  not a muscle.  Sunny, knew what my son was asking, he had done it thousands of times, but no matter what my son tried, Sunny would not budge.

Out of desperation, my son went and got the small tractor with the front end loader, and  helped me pull my self clear.   Sunny never moved the entire time, not even with the tractor bucket just inches from his legs:  not one step, not one foot.

Every horseman as been a position where they knew they were about to be in harms way.  I was in one of  those  moments, extremely deep in  harms way.  My friend knew I was in trouble and he held fast.  What it meant to me that day, to have  Sunny not move a muscle.

That is what I want to be, in these hard times to my friends.  Ground-tied with unwavering belief  knowing  they need me more than anything  else, more than anywhere where I could possible go or anything else I could possibly do at that moment.  The moments that they are in harms way.

What a difference I could make in a friend’s life, to be unwavering in just how I listen to them, without offering advice, or say sorry, but I got to go, but just ground tie-up until they are completely out of harms way.

I am going to be that Ground-tied friend the next time a friend is in trouble.

If we can learn the same lessons we teach our horses, how much change could we  bring  into  the world?

I have learned the lesson:  just what it is to be totally ground-tied.

Remember: Be the whinny
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Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Marie Edstrom
CEO Knot-A-Tail
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  1. Beautiful story Roberta! Not that you were hurt, of course, but the lesson you pulled out of that hurt is fabulous, and one we can all take away with us.

  2. What a wonderful story, it always amazes me how oure horses just know whats going on ever so faithful, and standing firm no matter what

  3. “Ground-tried friend” What a visual phrase for every horseman. I really enjoyed the story and the lesson you are sharing.

  4. LOVED this “lesson”! I had a similar incident years ago. I was riding by myself, the sun was going down & the shadows were long. My horse spooked sideways – my thoughts were of hundreds of things I needed to do, so I was not prepared & fell off like a sack of potatoes, hitting the ground hard. Nothing broken, but got the wind knocked out of me. We were close to home, but my horse did not head to the barn, he stood patiently over me while I got my “wind”, used his leg to sit up, the stirrup to pull myself up and made it home safely. He sensed I needed him to “be there”, he was my rock, my inspiration.

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