I can fly

Daily Oats: food for the horse lover’s soul

I am a Cowgirl, and I can fly without wings.
I just climb on my favorite stead, and close my eyes.
I know he will take me to places I have never been.

I may not have been to Congress or to World
But I know that, it is within my horse’s heart
That we are the greatest that has ever been told.

I am a Cowgirl, and I can fly without wings.
I just climb on my favorite stead, and close my eyes.
To create memories that allow my soul to sing
Remember: Be the whinny
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Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Marie Edstrom
CEO Knot-A-Tail
Authentic Cowboy Horse hair gear and Cowgirl Jewelry
Once you come for a visit you will stay for the fun.

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  1. Wow… 🙂

    • Wow I love this!! 🙂 Its soo true lol

      • Thank you so much. I love all of your support. I certainly hope you will come back daily.

        It would greatly help, if you would post it on your wall to help encourage your friends.

        So many people feel so lost at the moment. My heart truly goes out to them. It is my sincere hope to inspire all the horse lovers that I can to be and do all they ever dreamed possible.

        Thank you again Love Roberta

  2. Very true!

    Know the feeling . . . . which is so well said here!

  3. this is so meaningful to me and it came on a day when i really needed it my dad is pasing and he always came to my shows and was my critic on my portraits being with pow is what is helping me thrue this thank you sooooo much roberta take care barb and pow

  4. U inspire me, thank you, Its beautiful. So needed some nice words today, and your poems did it!

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