Be the whinny

Daily oats for the horse lovers soul.

I want to let you know how I found out yesterday how easy  it was to make a difference in someone’s life.

At the moment, I am in Northern WI watching over my two granddaughters.   Yesterday, I put a chair by the door and waited for the youngest one to come  home from school.   As soon as I saw her, I opened the door and greeted her with wide open arms.

I got a big hug, but when see saw the chair she said “Grandma, did you wait there just for me?”

Later, as she went outside to play,  I could hear her telling the neighbors and her friends, how her grandma  sat right by the door and waited right there until she got home from school.

It reminds me,  of morning nickers from my horses.  How the moment they can hear me those soft, welcoming, I am so glad to know you are coming, I am so glad to see you, morning nickers start coming.  What delight to my heart they bring, knowing they just open their hearts waiting just for me: just for me.   Tell me that does not soften your heart.

For today, be the whinny for someone else.  Open your arms and your heart, and let out the biggest whinny you have inside, and find out just how easy it is to make a difference.

Make a difference,  change a life and Be the whinny!

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Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Marie Edstrom
CEO Knot-A-Tail
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  1. Hello Roberta,

    thank you for that wonderful blog and for bringing tears to my eyes. I am going to be a whinny to someone!


    • Thank you so much. I love all of your support. I certainly hope you will come back daily.

      It would greatly help, if you would post it on your wall to help encourage your friends.

      So many people feel so lost at the moment. My heart truly goes out to them. It is my sincere hope to inspire all the horse lovers that I can to be and do all they ever dreamed possible.

      Thank you again Love Roberta

  2. Loved this Roberta~

  3. That was so sweet and so true when i walk into the barn in the morning all the morning nickers i get from all my babies waiting for me to kiss their noses and let them out to eat and run for the day. They are always so glad to see me, that wonderful unconditional love. Thank you

  4. Oh, Roberta……….I know just how you feel….my daughter is in the stage of “not wanting her mother at the bus stop” …………she thinks, but when she gets off the bus, and see’s me, all of the hard core “I am a big kid now” just washes from her face, and she smiles………and starts chatting about her day………..We DO have the power to affect others, if we will just take a minute to “be” there for them…………and listen…………..
    Keep them coming! Love your blog!

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